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2 years ago

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I have you the last time of my introduction to a threesome with my girlfriend and her friend J C. A few weeks later I received a call asking me if J FOM was to repeat, I also ask that the Pope is Catholic? A suitable date has been agreed and I were greeted eveknows by two ladies J correctly. They took me to the living room, where J insisted that a cup of coffee as he prepared things. As he did, C and I got some serious groping. J take you back to C and was told to drink my coffee and unhtil stay where they came to me was to pick up. now just thinking about what might happen soon, he had developed a rather large bulge in the trouser department. J returned properly and immediately threw me on the couch and started kissing and began to undress each other. She took my hard cock in her mouth began to suck anhd. She said it was easy course and I eveknows drove up to the eveknows bedroom. I went in and thereNaked in the bed was C. He had a large spoonful of whipped cream on each nipple each n overcome a strawberry. There were a number of whipped cream, which ends in the middle of their breasts and pussy with a strawberry in the navel and the other just above her pussy. " enjoy," said J. I have to say that on two occasions. After taking the first mill in the mouth, I went to the nipple cream with a little bit, as I did to lick. I did the same with the drill eveknows second, before going down on her body, licking the cream and eat the fruit. Then I started licking her pussy, running my tongue up and down her lips and occasionally pushed my tongue into her and licked eveknows the juices flowing and were plentiful. C. grabbed eveknows my head and held it against her wet pussy byucking your hips at the same time. Then I wanted to get into a 69 so they could take my cock in her mouth and she then began to suck hard on my dick stiff. turnedspread her legs and told eveknows me that hard, I went to do shit. I had completely forgotten anhd J had no idea it was wyhere. I was damn dog C ' style'and up and saw J in a glass of champagne, ice bucket with a bottle at his side at a small table. At some point I have my seed deep in C, both released anhd collapsed into bed, exhausted. J This time was now. It took a large mouthful of the cold shower, grabbed my flaccid member now and eveknows put it in his mouth. The cold feeling came over me cock was large and in no time I was rock hard again. C had caught in the kitchen and returned with the remaining strawberries anhd THR sometimes whipped cream. J set out in the back and while I was feasting on her pussy delicious C, the application of the whipped cream and strawberries place in strategic positions. I started my second dessert properly before installing J fuycking and is difficult to highlight a shudder. We have a short break to recover before resuming sexual activity. Finally I was still weak in the knees with a big smile on my face. have We have three more since then and have been lucky, took each of them separately. J is not jealous, and always, and when I say I'll see C has no objection.
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